Lively Winter Wedding

It’s been a while since I have shared a real wedding here on the blog so in this very strange summer weather we are having, it seems the perfect time to share an autumn/ winter wedding. Hopefully those who are getting married later in the year can be inspired by this beautiful wedding too! Londonite’s Miriam and Russell chose to get married at Hazel Gap Barn, North Nottinghamshire and in the run up to their wedding they were both very opinionated about how they wanted their day to be so it was great working with them under their direction of vibrant colours, notably the deep red shades. HBA Photography captured their day from the moment the bridal party woke up until the dancing started and every moment in between, the results are nothing but dramatic.

Miriam  Russ 015.jpg
Miriam  Russ 016.jpg
Miriam  Russ 030.jpg
Miriam  Russ 037.jpg
Miriam  Russ 057.jpg
Miriam  Russ 063.jpg
Miriam  Russ 070.jpg
Miriam  Russ 093.jpg
Miriam  Russ 104.jpg
Miriam  Russ 134.jpg
Miriam  Russ 109.jpg
Miriam  Russ 124.jpg
Miriam  Russ 138.jpg
Miriam  Russ 153.jpg
Miriam  Russ 155.jpg
Miriam  Russ 163.jpg
Miriam  Russ 167.jpg
Miriam  Russ 168.jpg
Miriam  Russ 187.jpg
36-Miriam  Russ 282.jpg
38-Miriam  Russ 334.jpg
19-Miriam  Russ 317.jpg
20-Miriam  Russ 321.jpg
55-Miriam  Russ 310.jpg
03-Miriam  Russ 395.jpg
40-Miriam  Russ 444.jpg
59-Miriam  Russ 501.jpg


Venue: Hazel Gap Barn

Flowers: Flowers by Tineke

Photography: HBA Photography

Cake: The Sweet Stuff