50 Facts about Me!

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My name is Natasha.

I'm an Aries

and an 80's baby.

I have one brother.

I share my birthday with my niece.

I've known my best friends since nursery school.

Pizza is a perfect square meal.

but dislike mushrooms and olives.

I enjoy experimenting with new recipes.

I love to learn new skills.

I play basketball

and love watching basketball.

I support the Toronto Raptors.

I spent summer holidays in Canada.

90's RnB and Hip Hop is my thing.

I like to drink cocktails,

white wine and dark rum.

I love my bed.

I have no tattoos.

My curls are a beautiful struggle.

I was blonde as a child.

I have no greys - it feels like an achievement.

I'm rubbish at make-up

but I own a lot of it.

Foreign culture fascinates me.

I watch a lot of Netflix.

My favourite song is 'Ain't Nobody' by Chaka Khan

and 'Never Too Much' by Luther Vandross.

My degree was in Marketing and Media Studies.

I have lived in Dubai.

I worked at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

I used to work in the music industry.

My voiceovers are still on national radio after 10 years.

I've worn the same fragrance for 10 years.

I'm 5' 10".

I live to travel

but tend to sleep on flights.

I like to explore on trips.

Toronto is my second home.

Sunshine makes me happy,

so do fresh flowers.

I aim to be a minimalist.

I try to be very organised and methodical with my work.

I try to be very helpful and solution focused.

I like spending time alone.

I like people watching.

I love to capture breathtaking views.

I'd love to be a travel photographer or writer, one day.

Brazil, Japan and India are on my bucket list.

I have no travel plans so far this year, send help!

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