The UK's Top 50 Wedding Cake Designers 2017

This week I received a shock email with the subject line "You're one of the best!".  I usually receive spammy emails with headers like this, encouraging me to buy advertising space in a magazine to promote my business based on an award I've apparently won or a seat at the table of an awards show but this one was different!

The email said - "I’m really pleased to inform you that you’ve been selected as one of our Top 50 UK Wedding Cake Designers."  It was a genuine email and annually 50 UK cake designers proudly share this accolade bestowed on them from Go Hen and this year it was MY great news to receive and share with the world!  Oh My Gosh!  They say I am one of their Top 50 UK Wedding Cake Designers for 2017!  Taking a look at all of the other cake designers that have also been included makes me blush as there are many cake designers whose work I have admired for a long time.  This is absolutely amazing, I got a little badge too!  This would not have been possible without the clients who have worked with me, trusted me and let me take inspiration from their weddings ideas and taken inspiration from my own original designs.  I'm honoured and still a little bit speechless so I'll just let you read some lovely words about The Sweet Stuff from Go Hen!

Go Hen Top UK Wedding Cake Designers

To see the whole article, read it here - THE UK’S TOP 50 WEDDING CAKE DESIGNERS 2017

My little badge!

My little badge!

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